Today many managers and executives with great competence, experience and relationships are interested to fully understand the dynamics of a startup either because they have a potentially winning idea or  because they want to increase their own set of skills.

The dynamics that regulate the startups ecosystem, however, are very little known and often underestimated in their powerful and deep methodology.



SDE is a proactive course designed for senior managers who want to gain experience about the startup world and fully understand the value of a startup.

After 3 days of theory (only for managers), it includes a 6 weeks hands-on experience where managers and startups work side by sideto review the startup business model, assisted by the InnoVitsLab team.
SDE is a course for managers and is free for the startup taking part, nevertheless it is extremely helpful for the startupper because it offers the chance to deeply review its present business model, value proposition, target market, value curve and model validation through the help of a group of professionals and managers all focused to improve the startup strategy.
SDE is a 6 weeks “learning-by-doing” activity that can effectivly change the startup approach preventing to make strategical mistakes that could produce a waste of time and resources, if not even a painful failure.



Startup Check-Up service allows startuppers to assess the completeness of the project by identifying and fixing any critical areas.


What is Startup Check-Up?

The service is based on sessions aimed to evaluate the startup business ideas supported by the InnoVitsLab team. Startup Check-Up sessions include analysis of the target market, sales channels, profit&loss, pitch deck. The InnoVitsLab team will also help startuppers to run  extremely effective pitches addressed to potential investors and industrial partners.


Who is it for?

Startup Check-Up is addressed to all entrepreneurs who want to strengthen their business project by analyzing the business model, reducing to basic assumptions, and improving the presentation of the business idea to potential investors and/or partners.

If you are interested, please contact us