Today many managers and executives with great competence, experience and relationships are interested to fully understand the dynamics of a startup either because they have a potentially winning idea or  because they want to increase their own set of skills.

The dynamics that regulate the startups ecosystem, however, are very little known and often underestimated in their powerful and deep methodology.

InnoVitsLab Services for managers are aimed at senior professionals who want to expand their horizons by transforming their innate curiosity into a real opportunity for personal and professional growth.

To senior managers we offer the following


SDE is a proactive course held in Italian and designed for those senior managers who want to gain experience with the startups methodologies and processes  in order to be able to fully esteem the value of a startup. SDE is a “hands-on” activity which provides a working environment  with real startups, structured and assisted by the InnoVitsLab team.
SDE is a practical course designed to bring senior managers into the  startups world.


What does SDE include?

SDE starts with a 3 days theoretical session on contents, tools and case studies about startups followed by 6 weeks of a practical, “learning-by-doing” activity with an entrepreneurial team and a dedicated commitment by InnoVitsLab experts of four hours per week. All sessions will be organized on Friday and/or Saturday to facilitate managers participation.


Who is it for?

SDE is a challenging experience for senior managers that want to test their skills and encourages them to go beyond their comfort zone.
SDE is not just training, but rather a new way to stimulate your entrepreneurial spirit.


Why choosing SDE?

You choose SDE if you want to learn new tools in a learning process that strengthens soft skills by leveraging on your own experience.
After following a SDE course the managers are potentially ready to invest in startups, providing their share of capital and their own personal experience.


What is ClubSDE?

Those who have attended SDE are enabled to be part of the ClubSDE, an event taking place bi-monthly, where SDE managers and other investors meet new startups with potential that have been selected by InnoVitsLab.
ClubSDE offers a great networking opportunity for investors, startups and business angels.




STARTUP DISCOVERY is a course designed for senior managers who want to know andunderstand the world of startups at 360°.


What does STARTUP DISCOVERY include?

A 3 days training course about tools, methodology and many examples of real cases of the startup experience. The course is taught by InnoVitsLab experts and covers: Business Model Canvas, Lean Startup, how to present an effective pitch, customer development.
Furthermore an internationally known Business Angel will give you many advices about searching for investments, with numerous examples of real experiences.
The vision on the startup side is given by a startup CEO that will give a very concrete description of his history, successes, failures, obstacles and frequent direction changes.



You choose STARTUP DISCOVERY if you want to fully understand the potential of the startups world and evaluate, maybe, the chance of becoming part of it,  as an investor, a business angel or launching your own startup.

If you are interested, please contact us