We want to help companies to return to their entrepreneurial roots. It’s not the strongest one that survives, but the most connected. As a successful scaled company, you cannot run the ship the way you used to. You’ll get run over by a swarm of startups.

– Scott Cook / Intuit

InnoVitsLab offers a plethora of CORPORATE INNOVATION based services aimed in particular at those companies who want to renew their value proposition and business model, adapting to the needs of the global market.

We provide Corporates with the following services:

  • Corporate internal contests for employees to stimulate and gather innovative ideas and projects
  • Boot Camps: assessment of the Business Model together with Company Managers with a pragmatic approach aimed to create an internal culture suited to work on innovative projects
  • Creating internal Company Innovation through the selection and integration of external projects (enabling of external R&D)
  • Design and implementation of Incubators/Accelerators for Corporates
  • Business seminars to create the Innovation culture: agile organizations, collaboration between companies&startups, Intrapreneurship

If you are interested, please contact us